Dichtel Group Members Secure Competitive Positions

A flurry of exciting news, as Alaaeddin Alsbaiee will join Arkema Inc. to work on novel materials chemistry! Catherine DeBlase has accepted a position at the Dow Chemical Company! Dan Lehnherr is headed to the famed process group at Merck! Brian Smith will join the faculty of Bucknell University as an assistant professor! Congratulations to all and best wishes in taking the next step of your careers!

Halogenated Naphthalenes Reported in CEJ


Dan Lehnherr and Joaquin Alzola’s paper on accessing halogenated naphthalene derivatives was published in Chemistry – A European Journal. The paper demonstrates the power of benzannulating haloalkynes and contributes additional mechanistic insight into this versatile reaction. Congratulations Dan and Joaquin!

Sam Wins D.O.C. Travel Award

Sam Hein has been awarded the Division of Organic Travel Award, a national award offered through the American Chemical Society. This award will support his travel to the upcoming national ACS Meeting in Boston. There he will present his work synthesizing contorted aromatics through benzannulation chemistry. Congratulations Sam!

Dichtel Groups Hosts Two Workshops at Expanding Your Horizons


Dichtel Group Hosts Two Workshops for Expanding Your Horizons!

The Dichtel group hosts two workshops for the Expanding Your Horizons Conference at Cornell University. “Materials in the House” workshop explores the chemistry behind everyday items, including nylon and styrofoam.  “BaNa2 Bread” looks at the relationship between organic chemistry and the kitchen. Expanding Your Horizons is a day of hands-on science workshops designed to inspire middle school girls to pursue STEM fields.


3D COF Truncation in Polymer

3D COF Truncation in Polymer.

Spencer Brucks and David Bunck contribute their results on truncating 3D COF with boronic acids to a special issue on porous polymers in Polymer. Spencer is our first undergraduate to serve as a first author on a peer-reviewed publication! Congratulations!


Jason Mann Earns PHD

Jason Mann Earns PHD!

Jason Mann successfully defended his doctoral thesis on Friday, May 24. He is the first student of our group to earn a PhD! Jason will soon begin a postdoctoral position in the Tour Group at Rice University. Congratulations!


Xiangyu, Spencer, Jackie, and Katherine Win Awards!

Xiangyu, Spencer, Jackie, and Katherine win awards!

First year graduate student Xiangyu Zhang won our department’s Teaching Excellence Award. Spencer Brucks won the ACS Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Award, which recognizes research excellence among seniors who intend to pursue graduate studies. Jackie Carozza and Katherine Walker were awarded the Harold Adlard Lovenberg Prize, which recognizes the two top chemistry majors of the junior class. Congratulations to you all!


COF Pores Go Big

COF Pores Go Big.

Our article describing a COF with the largest pores reported thus far as well as a computational study of its 2D stacked structure was accepted by J. Am. Chem. Soc. Congratulations also to our collaborators Brian Koo and Prof. Paulette Clancy in the Cornell Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


Jason’s JAC Communication

Jason’s JACS Communication.

Jason Mann’s communication in J. Am. Chem. Soc was accepted today. A preliminary version is available here, which will be finalized shortly. Congratulations Jason, as well as our collaborators Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez and Hector Abruna!


Dichtel Group Polymer Workshop

Dichtel Group leads Polymer Workshop.

Prof. Dichtel and graduate students David Bunck and Jason Mann organized a hands-on polymer workshop for 15 middle and high school science teachers from the Syracuse area. The workshop was co-organized through the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR).


NSF Funding

NSF Funding

We gratefully acknowledge the National Science Foundation for support of our work on carbon nanostructures in the form of a CCI-I grant. We will be working as part of a team of accomplished experimental and theoretical chemists and physicists to study the molecule-nanostructure interface.


Will Arrives in Ithaca

Will arrives in Ithaca.

Will has arrived in Ithaca following a fantastic cross-country drive from Los Angeles. Highlights of the trip included repelling in Bryce Canyon, food and art in Santa Fe, rodeo in Oklahoma City, touring Graceland, and visiting friends and family all along the way.