3D COF Truncation in Polymer

3D COF Truncation in Polymer.

Spencer Brucks and David Bunck contribute their results on truncating 3D COF with boronic acids to a special issue on porous polymers in Polymer. Spencer is our first undergraduate to serve as a first author on a peer-reviewed publication! Congratulations!



Functionalization of 3D covalent organic frameworks using monofunctional boronic acids. (S. D. Brucks, D. N. Bunck, W. R. Dichtel), Polymer 201455, 330-334.
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Special issue on porous polymers.


Accessing extended and partially fused hexabenzocoronenes using a benzannulation / cyclodehydrogenation approach. (H. Arslan, F. J. Uribe-Romo, B. J. Smith, W. R. Dichtel), Chem. Sci. 20134, 3973-3978.
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Proton and Carbon NMR data of all compounds deposited in ChemSpider.