Baker Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
and Chemical Biology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853


We use the tools of synthetic and supramolecular chemistry to address fundamental challenges in the assembly and integration of nanostructured materials.

We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. For more information about undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral research positions in the group, please see the “Join Us” section of the web page.

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8/5/2013 Tripod Highlights, Serious and Humorous

Jason’s ACS Nano Paper was highlighted by Materials360 and TOCROFL! 

7/26/2013 3D COF Truncation in Polymer

Spencer Brucks and David Bunck contribute their results on truncating 3D COF with boronic acids to a special issue on porous polymers in Polymer. Spencer is our first undergraduate to serve as a first author on a peer-revised publication! Congratulations!